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Growing with “the gizmo”

Workers with AIDIA, Wycliffe Canada’s partner organization in Peru, were surprised when they visited the community of Pacayura, site of a newly planted church.

Total languages globally: 7,099

Languages with some Scripture: 3,300+

Languages still needing translation: 1,600+

New Testament translations with Wycliffe involvement: 1,000

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Becoming Women of the Bible

The ladies’ meetings in the local church were boring. One young lady wondered why she should bother attending since there ...
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“One Crazy Gringo”

Wycliffe founder William Cameron Townsend faced the future with openness, spontaneity and creativity. He was an explorer who chose not ...
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Jesus Speaks Sirmar

It’s easy to imagine Bible translation as simply exchanging one set of words for another, but it is so much ...
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A Look at God’s Transforming Power

Consuming Passion

Consuming Passion

Betty Amon remembers sitting with her family during family devotions, reading the Bible in Pohnpeian, one of Micronesia’s major languages. She could read the words aloud, but she didn’t have the faintest idea what they meant.

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